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As an entrepreneur herself, Kasie is passionate about helping business owners become more successful. She established Joyfed Creative to provide hands-on and personalized marketing services. 

As Joyfed Creative quickly grew, Kasie wanted to help as many people as she could in the social media industry. With the partnership of Indigo Ink, Socialette was created to provide an affordable, Do-It-Yourself, design package that helps others create custom social media content. 

Joyfed Creative offers the following services: 

  • Socialette Templates & Presets

  • Social Media Management 

  • Website Building & Makeovers

  • Professional Photography

Every client will have unique marketing needs. In order to receive more information about website help, social media management or photography, please complete the contact form below to learn more or enquire about services. 



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If you want to effectively convert social media followers to engaged and paying customers, you need well-designed content that speaks your brand!

Unique Canva social media templates, by Socialette, make it easy for you to customize online content without the tech struggle or graphic designer price tag.

Socialette designs will create the professional look you need to convert online traffic. These templates will give you the tools you need to design a styled, seamless, and consistent platform.


Do you need help creating beautiful and consistent social media content? Take your photos to the next level with Socialette 1-click Presets. 

Socialette Presets instantly adjust the colors of your photos. Discover a wide variety of premium Adobe Lightroom presets for all types of photography! Compatible with the FREELightroom CC app!​

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