3.48 billion people now use social media.
45% of the total world population are using social networks.


Are you starting a new business or wanting to take your company online? This step by step instructional course will walk you through the ins and out of creating a consistent brand, creating social media accounts, must have design software and learning when, why and how to post effectively.


Whether you have a personal or business social media account, service is designed to help you take your existing platforms to the next level! Detailed step by step instructional courses will give you the tools needed to revamp your social media platforms! Learn how to create content calendars, original content, engaging captions and grow your accounts.


To see results on social media you don’t need a full time, in-house marketing manager. Joyfed Creative provides businesses with customized social media services that post daily, create custom content, engage with followers and grow your accounts.  Learn more…

Half of Generation Z and 42% or Millenials says
social media is the most relevant ad channel.

Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, whether it’s viewed online or in print. Joyfed Creative provides professional, high-quality, lifestyle and product photography to make your business shine.
Learn more…

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