My Ideal Client

“When you work with clients you love, you’ll truly enjoy the work you’re doing; you’ll love every minute!”

I love what I do! One reason I feel this way is because of the client I currently partner with! When considering working together, it is important we are the best fit for each other. My services are extremely specialized for each client based on your needs. I will become an extension of your brand and act as a marketing advisor.


I am only considering taking on new clients who are interested in building a longterm relationship. My ideal client is a business owner who needs help marketing and managing their business through online platforms, including a website, blog or across social media platforms including Facebook or Instagram.

Client Goals

o   Optimize clear marketing communication

o   Plan and launch successful campaigns

o   Create engaging online content

o   Boost lead generation, referrals, and sales

o   Increase business recognition

o   Capture a new location or target market

Client Challenges

o   Needing a website, blog, or social media platforms

o   Lacking time or experience posting on Facebook and Instagram

o   Poor quality photography

o   Desiring unique and creative content

o   Unsure how to create online contests

o   Longing for increased followers

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