4 Questions to Ask Before Creating Another Social Media Account

As a business owner, the perception of your business on social media is critical. They say first impressions can make or break you, so it is worth it to take time to care for your social media accounts. Here are four critical questions to ask yourself when tending to your social media presence.

Is Everything Aligned?

First, make sure your personal and business accounts remain separate. Your business account should have a schedule of postings with targeted goals for what you hope to achieve with each post. That means you shouldn’t post personal information on the business account – family vacations and events belong on your personal accounts.

You should be focused and intentional on your business account. Showcase your brand and your “company” image here, and be sure to provide helpful and targeted information to your market.

Please don’t make the mistake of assuming that clients won’t go to your personal accounts. The last thing you want to do is have information controversial to your brand on your personal account. based on what they learn from your personal accounts, will affect others perception of your business as well!

Are You Being Authentic?

People want to know they are dealing with people, real people, not a faceless corporation concerned only with sales. That’s why it is important to share your story. Share your successes, challenges, and advances. It’s even okay to talk about a goof if you explain how you’ve fixed the problem for all future customers. When clients engage with your brand, talk to them. Thank them for responding, answer questions and solve problems.

Are You Engaging With Others?

Don’t be a fair-weather friend. The last thing you want to do is ignore your social media until you have a big advertising campaign to drop on your clients. By staying involved in your community and engaging with your clients, when you do have something to advertise, public perception will be higher. By engaging and being visible in the community, clients will recognize your commitment to the local area. You can do this by commenting on and supporting local events, supporting local non-profit organizations, and showing your audience that you share their values, beliefs, and attitudes all year around.

Are You Letting Go of Comparison?

There’s nothing to be gained by comparing yourself to other businesses, especially if you cast another business in a negative light. Nobody likes a naysayer, plus it could open you to potential legal action. Instead, show your clients the advantages of selecting your products or services, and provide plenty of helpful tips and information for them. Do this and you show respect for your clients and that you are experts in your field.

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