The Roadmap to Your Social Media Success

Simply setting up social media accounts and then taking no further action will not work. Creating successful social media accounts takes time, effort, planning and creativity. So here are a few tips to help you make your social media accounts as effective as possible!

1. Set Goals

If you’ve asked yourself why you are on social media and your answer is because everyone else is, then you’ve got a problem. You must set specific measurable goals in order to know if your social media efforts are working. For instance, you might write down a goal like, “Add 100 Instagram Followers in the next three months,” or “Increase Instagram engagement by 25% in the next quarter,” or “Send 200 people from social media to a landing page, website or shopping cart during our next big sale.”

2. Identify Your Audience

If you don’t know who your audience is, or who your content is targeting, then your social media accounts will not be successful. If you say your audience is everyone, then go back to the drawing board and focus on getting more specific. Even if it’s true, your message is for everyone, you will want to concentrate on a certain segment of the population for each message you share. For instance, a message meant for Millennials is very different than a message created for Baby Boomers. You will want to use different wording, images, and appeals to best reach each target audience.

3. Create a Calendar

Content is King. In order to create quality content, you must plan ahead. This requires sitting down and deciding on current and relevant topics within your business. For instance, let’s assume you are an HVAC (air conditioning/heating) company. During the spring, you want to let people know its time to check their systems before the heat hits. In the fall, you want to let people know its time to check their heating systems before it gets cold. Share what items on AC or furnaces tend to wear down or break. Give them tips on how often to change filters. Suggest which filters are best to use on AC and furnace and why. Offer tips on improving indoor air quality. In order to do this all successfully, you needed to plan in advanced relevant topics to share with your followers.

4. Consistently Post

Daily posting is how you can ramp up your social media presence. However, one mistake companies can make is robotically posting about products and services. Talk to your followers like you would talk to your friends. Introduce your staff. Share interesting and behind the scenes information about your business. Tell stories. Educate others. Inform followers about the value of your products or services and how they can make their lives easier. Let others know about sales, special, and how you are giving back to the community. Share when you win awards. I promise, being human will touch many more people and interest them in your brand.

5. Invest Your Time

An effective social media presence doesn’t magically happen overnight. You have to commit to it, put in the time, strategize, plan and continually post. In short, you must set aside time each day to work on your social media accounts, research your audience, create original content and then continually post, follow up and engage.

6. Help Don’t Sell

Notice that a lot of the messaging I suggested above is about helping people. For example, let’s assume the HVAC company above just shared helpful tips like easy things people can do to improve indoor air quality. Once posted, people may have more questions. They’ll be looking for answers, so if you ignore their requests, you’ve probably lost them as a customer. Respond as soon as you can and you may have won a customer for life. The new Instagram algorithm is all about engagement, so always comment back to all of your follower’s feedback or questions.

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